Home Owners – What You Need to Know

You're looking for a company that will look after your treasured asset whilst giving you the best returns?

So why choose Happy Holiday Homes

Whether you currently own a holiday home, or are just taking your first steps, Happy Holiday Homes take care of everything to ensure you get more of your precious time back and receive a higher return on your treasured asset.

Airbnb experts
It's all about Airbnb nowadays. Do you know how to get near the top of AirBNB listings? We do. We utilise best practice, such as message automation and auto inquiry response to help lift your home up the listings – we’ve a few other tricks in our locker as well!

Multi-booking channel – your property will be listed on amongst others AirBNB, booking.com, Stayz and of course the Happy Holiday Home website to increase the number of bookings you receive and increase your return on investment.

Revenue management experts. Revenue management is the discipline of making the most out of fixed asset – it’s all about the detail. James, in a former life, ran the revenue management function for the world’s largest travel company and has been a consultant for some of the most famous travel brands. He also has plenty of local knowledge having owned a resort in Yallingup for six years.

Happy Holiday Homes will handle the booking process and all guest communication for you.

We’re local - based in Dunsborough and Yallingup. This means a faster response to any issues – a faster response makes for a happier guest, which leads to a better review, which will help your search ranking and lead to more guests.

Exceptional cleaning and linen service. Have your house cleaned and presented to your specification and use only the best steam cleaned linen.

Supplies – all supplies (toilet rolls, detergents, soaps, batteries, globes, dishwasher tablets, welcome gifts, firewood, etc., etc.) handled for you.

We also offer fully transparent ‘live’ booking reports.

Great value – we hope you’ll view the Happy Holiday Homes service as paying for itself out of the increase revenue generated with the bonus of removing all the hassle for you.

To reiterate – “Happy Holiday Homes take care of everything to ensure you get more of your precious time back and a higher return on your treasured asset.”

Please contact us for more information.