About Happy Holiday Homes

First of all, it's about you, not us - it's your holiday, let's make you happy.

However you might like to know who you are dealing with, so here goes... 🙂

Happy Holiday Homes is a holiday home management company based out of Dunsborough and Yallingup.

The homes that we manage are not necessarily "exclusive", "private", "prestige" or any other pretentious boast - the homes we feature are "happy" and they are "homes", which makes for a perfect "holiday"!

Homes and spaces have a huge effect on your sense of well-being and happiness. Choose from our hand-picked range of positive, loved and often quirky, homes that we hope will delight.

The home you choose will reflect its owners - real people, with a story, who want to share their home with you and wish only that you take away with you the happiest of memories from your stay.

Happy Holiday Homes core values are that we are friendly, helpful and professional, add 30 years of hospitality know-how to the mix and you will have the happiest of  holiday experiences.

Book direct and save paying the platform (Airbnb, etc) booking fees.